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Opportunity Plans

Tailored Opportunities

  • Opportunity Zone

    Every month
    A streamlined service designed to provide quick and efficient access to contract opportunities.
    • Shopping Contracts
    • Trending Service Contracts
  • The Land of Opportunities

    Every month
    A vibrant community crafted to steer entrepreneurs towards success in the govcon arena.
    • Shopping Contract Portal
    • Exclusive Contract Portal
    • Live Trainings- 1st & 3rd Mondays each month
    • Govcon Templates
    • Resource Guide
    • Events Calendar
    • Newsletter
  • Source Sought Support

    Every month
    Sources Sought Support is a comprehensive service designed to streamline your access to federal opportunities.
    • Weekly updates on a spreadsheet with new federal notices
    • Dual notifications via email and text reminders
    • Save time and resources by avoiding manual searches
    • Organized information in a clear and concise manner
    • Easy response facilitation
    • Enhance your workflow efficiency
  • Procurement Readiness

    Our 45-day service preps you for gov't contracts, with expert guidance to secure bids. Get personalized support to navigate procurement complexities and boost your success rate in gov't contracting.
    • Expert guidance on government contract processes
    • Customized strategies for bid preparation and submission
    • In-depth analysis of your current readiness and areas for im
    • Enhanced understanding of procurement regulations and requir
    • Time-saving techniques for efficient bid responses
  • Contract Support

    Receive ongoing help sourcing gov't contracts & crafting proposals. We boost your success rate with regular expertise, weekly opportunities & 3 proposals per month.
    Valid for one month
    • Weekly sourced contracts tailored to your business capabilit
    • 3 written proposals each month
    • Expert guidance on contract selection and proposal preparati
    • Ongoing support for your government contracting efforts
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